SCVPA Annual Print Competition 2009

The Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association (SCVPA) 2009 Spring Print Competition happened on May 16, 2009. This was my second year competing in the event. Last year I blogged about my experience here: Last year I had missed the judging portion of it. This year I decided to attend the judging and hear the critiques. I found it very valuable to hear what the judges thought of your work. Last year none of my prints scored above an 80 where the max score for the event is 90. I was slightly disappointed in the results. This year I decided to give the event a try again. I’m sure glad I did, because the hard work I put into these photos definitely paid off. It’s amazing what a difference a year of photography can do. This year I won 2nd and 3rd place in the category of “Photojournalism, Event & Editorial” . Here are some photos from the event:

My 2nd and 3rd place winners:

2nd Place winner.. still can’t believe it:

My Mom and I with one of my winning photos:

My Mom and me with my other winning photo:

My Mom with my winning photo of Lance Armstong:

Here are the actual photos I entered:

“Steet Art” this is the 2nd Place Winner in the category of Photojournalism, Event & Editorial. Currently this is my favorite photo that I have ever taken.. the stories behind this is so interesting.. ask me sometime.. I have to give a shout out to Suma for making this print what it is..
Street Art

“Livestrong lance” my photo of Lance Armstong form the Amgen Tour of California this year at Pasadena.
Livestrong Lance

“Fire Tongue” this print received an Award of Merit for scoring over 80 points entered in the Event, Photojournalism & Editorial:
Fire Tongue

“Soft Orchid” – This one also won an Award of Merit for scoring over 80 points entered in Macro:
Soft Orchid

I only entered 4 prints this year compared to 5 last year. Again, it’s amazing what a year of photography can do. This year I entered 4 prints and all of them won awards. Congrats to all the winners and everyone who entered. It takes a lot to share you work with others to be critiqued. It’s something that every artist has to do it’s how you learn and grow. You can’t be afraid to show your imagination and what’s the point of taking photographs if no one ever sees it?

Here is a link to all the winners:


3 comments so far

  1. nate. on

    man, i love that shot of armstrong. so rad. very good stuff! – nate.

  2. Ebb Tide on


  3. Uncle David on

    Dear ryan,
    Your photography work is truly a work of art.
    You have been blessed with many gifts –
    including the special gift of imagination.
    Use it well.
    I am proud to be your uncle!
    Uncle David-

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