Newhall Metrolink

Newhall Metrolink

Originally uploaded by lastminuteracer

Got a new Canon lens this week and went out to take some photos. I purchased the Canon L-Series 70-200 F4 which is just a great lens. The L series lenses are their professional line of lenses. The optics are just outstanding and I’m very satisfied with the purchase.

These photos are of the Newhall Metrolink station. Last summer I went out there and took some photos with my Nikon D50. The difference is pretty notable with the combination of the 40D and L lens.

Here is the comparison

Newhall Metrolink

Nikon D50 with 18-55mm kit lens

Newhall Metrolink

Canon 40D with 70-200 Lseries

Here is the set of all the photos:


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  1. The Eighth Art on

    Great shots! I take the train from this station every day. It’s cool to see it form a new perspective.

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