65 Years of Success


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Benjamin Abelardo Resella married Consuelo Fajardo Ubaldo on April 8th 1943 at San Marcelino Church in Manila. Their first child Cholita, born during the war, died at 5 months after days of bombing by the United States. 1945 marked the ending of World War II. Their family grew and prospered, they had seven more children: Theodina, Rhodamin, Esmeralda, Benjamin Jr., Francis, Clarissa and Aaron. (resella.com). This entry is dedicated to 65 years of success! The entire set of photos can be found here on my flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lastminuteracer/sets/72157604467856627/ if you would like the high resolution photos or would like to upload additional photos please email me.


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  1. Ebb Tide on

    Hi! What a wonderful post! Sixty five years is a long time to be married. Enjoyed looking at your photos of the event.

  2. […] first real post for this blog was my grandparent’s 65th Wedding Anniversary: http://ryanresella.com/2008/04/10/65-years-of-success/ […]

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